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Specialist Services


We specialise in mosaics and use paper-face glass, ceramic, porcelain or marble. Designs can be to client specifications, or bespoke tile bands in both traditional and modern patterns can be provided. We are happy for clients to supply their own design ideas, and tiles where appropriate, or we can work with you to achieve the final design.

Face Rendering

A waterproof rendered pool finish that can be used without additional tiling. Designs can be incorporated in the rendering, which can also be coloured to provide a softer appearance, allowing the pool to blend in with the surrounding landscape.

Slate Finishes

Slate can be used both for pool finishes and surrounds. It is available a range of colours from different sources, such as Wales, Brazil and China. Slate gives a very natural finsh to a pool and is preferred by many clients for its appearance and durability.

Diamond Brite & Quartzon

A recent introduction in the UK, Diamond Brite and Quartzon offer an array of finished colours with a distinctive sparkling finish. Aztec have been fully-trained by Diamond Brite and are one of the few installers of this finish in the UK.


Porcelain is a very durable finish available in a variety of tile sizes, from mosaic to metre-square slabs. When used in the larger sizes it creates an illusion of being one piece of stone; the pool appears to have been carved out of a solid piece.

Pool Surrounds & Landscaping

Aztec is not just about pools, we also undertake paving and landscaping to finish your project to a high standard.

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